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balithingy is pleased to announce our Julieberrie promo price, along this lovely July 2009, only for the berry lovers just pick your fave item and place an order!

balithingy hope you will take advantage of this offer and will send us your purchase order today. We will look forward to hearing from you, Friends!

*Promo Catalog*

berriealus promo

berrie*alus promo

scrub cream 7500
scrub powder 9000
body mask 9500
face mask 9500
body butter 12500
body lotion 8000
hand & nail butter 37500
spa soap 7500
bath salt 7500
massage oil 9000
you wanna have berrie*alus in one set?
Rp 117.000,- only!

* Sekar Jagat Fight Off *

Scrub Cream

Scrub Cream Offers per Block Quantity

From the Desk

Why smart orders?

All shipment fee will be charged per 1 kilogram packet, collect your things and place your order would help you reducing the shipping cost. The more you order and the lesser cost you get! Just a suggestion for better cash flow and profit for you, it is just because we care with your purse!

Sell things in your hometown?

Send balithingy your letter of inquiry for regarding our product line. We will send you an e-mail and enclosing a price list and data sheets which describe our full line of products that serve the beauty spa sellers.

This should help to familiarize you with our family of products and the high quality control with our best price offers.

Bill of Sale

We choose a bank transfer payment method. To protect all transaction from unexpected things. That would be better for both balithingy and safer for You.

Customer Incentive Program

As a valued customer of balithingy, we could not wait to bring you the good news.
Starting on April 1st, a record of your account with balithingy will be maintained on a cumulative basis for a period of one year.

Won’t you send us a purchase order today to get you started on your way? And if You think of a good name for us to tag onto this new discount program, please let us know!

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Thank you again for your interest and keep an eyes for visiting balithingy for our unlimited daily surPrice and increase your income with balithingy!